Skill Conference in a Nutshell




The “Skill Conference” (SC) is a new concept, workshop and discussion designed to provide a deeper level of awareness of vital soft skills, mindset and some training that would be required at an individual level to make our society wholesome eventually. One of the chief aims of SC is to inculcate a culture of rational thinking and acting more sensibly, i.e. not only to improve personal lives but also to help change society at large for the benefit of all. Essentially, it is an endeavour to create a two-way path between individuals and society that will strengthen the latter for the benefit of all. This is the only way Sri Lanka could go forward as a nation to win the world.


The ultimate aim is to provide a platform for individuals from all walks of life to thrive based on their individual talent and personal interests.


(Deliberately, the workshop title “Skill Conference” has been phrased as a singular noun, although it requires many individual skills to reach the ultimate goal)